The broad-based services we provide under the heading of ‘Landcraft’ focus on Storied Lands - places of exceptional ecological and cultural significance. We conceive of the environment and the work that we do at multiple scales: habitat restoration and cultural development (large to medium) and dwelling (small).  Our services include strategic thinking at regional and site-specific scales plan for sensitive intervention within the context of wild land, and in rural, pre-suburban and near urban conditions of critical habitat value.

The survival of Storied Land depends on communication coupled with a deep appreciation of place....
— Clark Stevens

New West Land Company Landcraft Services Include:

  • Land use design for conservation and restoration of the natural, cultural, and communal landscape.
  • Design of new communities, inhabitations and landscapes that meet conservation, social, aesthetic, and financial goals.
  • Strategic development to fund conservation activity and to re-engage community with the land and to maximize the return on economic, ecological, and cultural investments.
  • Community based processes for informed transformation and conservation of rural places, and of natural landscapes within the urban context.
  • The education of communities through the interpretation of the diverse layers of ecological and cultural history and character-defining features of landscapes in order to create a more meaningful and informed mode of inhabitation.

New West Land Company supports the process of community and cultural development and decision-making through constructive interaction.  The survival of Storied Land depends on communication coupled with a deep appreciation of place, and we provide services that enable narratives to emerge and to inform decisions related to the landscape at all scales.